The Crunch

Core Concept





Everyone starts with the same stats, so the only real difference between any two starting characters are their Aspects and Talents. Answer the following few questions to determine the core parts of your Character, and what they need to struggle against to remain Aware.


Since everyone has the same starting stats, it makes sense to note them down first to provide context for character development. * : 3 * : 0/3 * : 0/3

As a player, you start off as a "Lead Role" in the story, giving you 3. Note how the stat defines your maximum and ; it is also your maximum refresh of Fate points. This maximum will increase as your increases.


Aspects are what gives your character free will, and also shackles them to be a slave of their . All characters start with two Aspects, and get another two for every level of they have attained. The first two are thematic and required:

Archetype / Role / Primary Concept The most important thing to determine about your character, is their basic nature. If all free-will and complexity is stripped away, what defines the of their existence? More often than not this will be their occupation, with just enough extra to make things interesting. Examples: Gumshoe Detective, Reluctant Mob Enforcer, Crazy Homeless Guy, Honest Politician, etc.

Nightmare / Nemesis / Fatal Flaw The second most important thing to determine is what is your character afraid of. While this is mainly something that your character is always needing to overcome, it can be used creatively where your fears would justify particular areas of expertise. Examples: Growing Old Before Your Time, Buried Alive And Conscious, Losing Your Mind Slowly, etc.

Personality The next set of Aspects are simply facets of your characters personality, and provide areas of expertise to draw on, and challenges to overcome. You get a number equal to twice your , so pick six.



Moment of Clarity At some point in your character’s mindless drudge through their existence, they saw or encountered something that broke them out of their reverie and showed them a faint hint of what was really going on around them. What was so jarring as to have shocked them out of their waking dream?

  • Nightmare: What scares them beyond reason?

  • Courage: What will they stand up for?

  • Delusion: What lie do they cling to?

  • Truth: What are they right about?

  • Hatred: What drives them into a rage?

  • Passion: What would they die (or kill) for?