On the Road

  • City Driver. You’ve spent most of your life driving up and down the same streets. Pick a city. Whenever you are in that city, you never suffer increased difficulty on Drive rolls due to traffic. (adapted from

  • Defensive Driving. You’re good at keeping your car in one piece. +2 to overcome with Drive during a chase. (adapted from Spirit of the Century SRD, v6.9.2)

In the Sky

  • Barnstormer. You can squeeze your plane through places where it has no business fitting. You never need to spend a fate point to declare details relating to your plane having enough clearance space to fly or land. What’s more, if you do spend a fate point, you can fit the plane in places you absolutely should not be able to. (adapted from Spirit of the Century SRD, v6.21.1)

  • Death from Above. (requires Flying Ace.) While in flight, if you are able to make an attack on another flying target from an elevated position, you do two additional points of stress on a successful hit. However, this action takes you out of your position of advantage. (adapted from Spirit of the Century SRD, v6.21.1)

  • Fly By Night. Whether in dead of night or during a storm, your piloting skills remain true. You never face increased difficulties due to environmental factors (darkness, weather) when flying. This does not protect your plane from taking damage from the environment - but your skill remains unreduced. (adapted from Spirit of the Century SRD, v6.21.1)

  • Walk Away From It. (requires at least two other Drive stunts.) You have a great instinct for crash-landing planes, and are able to walk away from even the most catastrophic-seeming landings. While you are piloting a plane into its crash landing, coincidence conspires to keep you and your passengers alive, and you pass from the view of the other combatants. You may re-enter play in any subsequent scene in as dramatic a fashion as you see fit, explaining to everyone how you survived. You return with all of your physical stress cleared and a single additional consequence incurred to reflect the dangers you defied. (adapted from Spirit of the Century SRD, v6.21.1)

On Horseback

  • Bareback Rider. You suffer no increasing difficulty to Drive rolls while riding an animal due to a lack of saddle, reins, or other tack. (Peter Blake)

  • Breaking It In. You’re skilled at breaking in new mounts. You receive +2 on all Drive rolls during such an effort. (We suggest you run breaking in a mount as a conflict between rider and steed. The rider should make mental attacks using Drive vs. Will on the animal while the animal is making Athletics or Physique vs. Drive physical attacks on the rider. When one party is finally taken out, takes a consequence, or concedes, either the animal is broken or the rider is thrown.) (adapted from Spirit of the Century SRD, v6.28.3)

  • Hell Bent for Leather. You know how to get the best speed out of your mount. +2 to Drive whenever you’re on horseback and riding at top speed. You must be an active participant in driving your mount forward in order to receive this bonus. The benefit doesn’t apply if you’re, say, in the saddle, but unconscious. (adapted from Spirit of the Century SRD, v6.28.3)

  • Mounted Trample. Once per scene, when you succeed with style on a create advantage roll with Drive and place an aspect on an opponent, you may exchange one of your free invocations for a 2-shift hit on that opponent. (Peter Blake)

  • Preferred Mount. Choose a type of riding animal. +2 to overcome or create advantage with Drive when mounted on that kind of animal. (Peter Blake)

  • Ride Anything. If it can be ridden like a riding beast, you can ride it. You suffer no increased difficulty for a lack of familiarity, no matter how strange the mount. (adapted from Spirit of the Century SRD, v6.28.3)

  • Run Them Down. +2 to attack with Drive when you try to trample someone with your horse. (Peter Blake)

  • We Ride as One. You fight and act on horseback without penalty, and nothing can knock you off. Any time you would take a physical consequence, you can opt for the horse to take it instead - the horse having a similar consequence track to your character. (Fate System Toolkit, p.97)

On the Water

New Actions

  • Flying Ace. You are a skilled combat pilot, and as such may roll Drive instead of Shoot to attack in a dogfight. (adapted from Spirit of the Century SRD, v6.21.1)

  • Gunner. You’re a former military man with the training to use vehicle-mounted weaponry. You may use your Drive skill to make attacks with such weapons. (adapted from

  • Mechanic. You may roll Drive instead of Crafts when working on a wheeled vehicle. (adapted from Spirit of the Century SRD, v6.9.1)

  • Mounted Combat. You may roll Drive instead of Fight to make melee attacks whenever you are riding an animal. (adapted from

  • Old Salt. You may use Drive instead of Lore to make predictions about the weather. (Peter Blake)

  • Plane Mechanic. You may roll Drive instead of Crafts when working on a vehicle capable of flight. (adapted from Spirit of the Century SRD, v6.21.2)

  • Traffic Watcher. You really know how to use those rear-view mirrors. You may use Drive instead of Notice to be aware of vehicles and road conditions, to detect vehicular ambushes, and to determine turn order while operating a vehicle. (adapted from


  • Flawless Navigation. The skies (or roads) are an open map in your mind. +2 to Drive when navigating to a strange place or overcoming being Lost.

  • Hard to Shake. +2 to Drive whenever you’re pursuing another vehicle in a chase scene. (Fate Core, p.107)

  • One Hand on the Wheel. Multitasking behind the wheel is second nature to you. +2 to overcome with Drive after you successfully create an advantage in a contest. (adapted from

  • Pedal to the Metal. You can coax more speed out of your vehicle than seems possible. Whenever you’re engaged in any contest where speed is the primary factor (such as a chase or race of some kind) and you tie with your Drive roll, it’s considered a success. (Fate Core, p.107)

  • Ramming Speed! When ramming another vehicle, you ignore two shifts of damage. So if you ram and hit for four shifts, you only take two yourself. (Fate Core, p.107)

  • Signature Ride. You’ve used a certain vehicle so much that its operation is instinctive to you. Pick a specific make and model of vehicle. Add two to your Drive skill when using that sort of vehicle. (adapted from

  • Steady Driver. Once per scene, you may reroll a failed Drive roll for free. (Peter Blake)

  • Turn on a Dime. (requires Defensive Driving.) Somehow, no matter how crazy you drive, you always seem to pull it off. +2 to Drive when making very tight turns and trying to fit through very narrow spaces. (adapted from Spirit of the Century SRD, v6.9.2)

  • Unsafe at Any Speed. You are the bane of curbside markets and rickety struts holding up awnings. When you hit an object other than a character or vehicle, increase the stress you cause by 2. Any time an object is taken out by the damage, the result should be spectacular - an explosion or collapse. (adapted from Spirit of the Century SRD, v6.9.2)